7 Rebecca in the Science lab!

At the end of last week we began our chemistry unit in science, and conducted our first experiment!

For many of us this was our first time using the Bunsen burners, so we had to go through the safety procedures first. We then all had a chance to light the Bunsen burner ourselves! This was very exciting, and those of us who had used the Bunsen burners before were leaders, showing the others the correct way to do it.

Yuot and Ryan conducting the experiment.

The aim of our experiment was to see if we could change the boiling point of water. Normally water boils at 100 degrees Celsius, but we wanted to change it. We found that you can actually change it by adding different things to the water, like salt. This made the water easier to boil.

We can’t wait to conduct more experiments in the future!


What experiments have you conducted at school? What would you like to know about chemistry?