Guest speaker

A few weeks ago we had a guest speaker to our class. He is a lawyer who works in Melbourne, and he visited us to talk about refugees and the laws around seeking asylum.

When he first arrived, we were very quiet because we had never spoken to a lawyer before, but we soon started talking again. We had some very interesting discussions about refugees and how they can be supported when entering Australia.

Our guest spoke briefly about his experiences working with refugees and then we worked on an activity where we had to decide what we would do if our family was in danger and we had to flee the country.

While not all of us agreed about how we would escape, we had very good conversations, using evidence to back up our opinions. It was very good for our book drive, and helped us understand the people who the books are going to.

Have you ever had any good guest visitors? What did they speak about?

What do you know about refugees?

Persuasive texts and the news

We’re back! School holidays are over, and we are back to start term 2. Even though we have only been back two days we have already done some great work.

We have been discussing the situation with North Korea, and have had some very interesting debates about what countries have the rights to weapons, and whether any country ever has the right to attack another. From this we have created persuasive texts, trying to convince our class mates of our point of view.

You can read one of our persuasive texts below:

North Korea Missile Debate


What are your opinions about North Korea and the potential missile threat?  Do you agree or disagree with us?

Colonial Australia, Manor Lakes Style

Yesterday 7 Rebecca turned our classroom into a colonial Australia courtroom. We had prepared our speeches, practiced persuasive language, brought in our costumes and were ready to go! We had poor convicts sitting on the floor and in jail and the rich got the nice seats up the back, in their fancy dresses. We had a female judge and legal counsel, to celebrate International Women’s Day, even though we know women could not be judges back then.

Unfortunately we had a couple of people away, but we still had a great time! It was a fun way to practice our persuasive language, and to learn about how laws used to be created. Soon we will move onto how laws are created today, and even create our own society, using any type of government and laws we want!

Do you like using drama/acting in school?

How do you use drama in your class?