Hi my name is Ryan. I am a student at Manor Lakes College and this is my third year at this school. I have made heaps of friends all ready and I love it here.

I like the Australian Football League and I play basketball, football and I also play cricket for the school.

The school has been opened for 5 years.

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  1. Dear Ryan,

    While reading your blog, I noticed we have the love of basketball in common. I play on a team called the panthers. I also play a little football with my brother.

    What is austrailia like? Do you play on a team or streetball ? If you do play on a team what is its team name? how old are you?

    • Australia is a nice place we have lots of sports.
      I play for the Iramo RedBacks basketball team and we did alright. I’m 12 years old.

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