Hi!, I’m Lotto, I…DOT…..LOVE……DOT…..CHOCOLATE!! <3 I Love Music! I love to sing!,I come from a very VERY HUGE family,I love my family and friends, I go to school at Manor Lakes P-12 College I love Manors because, I feel welcomed and respected and happy when I’m at school. There CAN be drama….but…..what’s high school without drama?…NOTHING!! Lol. I love our Community, I see happy faces, beautiful designs done by people who love to knit, I love the fact that our community has a lot of talent and puts a lot of effort into what they love!. My family is funny, because when my two older sisters were little 1 1 & 2 years old) my uncles and Brother (my brother was the oldest) would always make my two older sisters fight, like full on fight, punching and kicking and everything! Lol! My mum who was pregnant at that time with me, just sat there and laughed.

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