I am Frank I am a student at Manor Lakes College. My hobbies are reading, playing games, listening to music, being lazy and EATING CHOCOLATE NOM NOM. 😀

My favourite subjects are Math, Science, Textiles, Sports and Reading.

My friends are really funny but sometimes they are really annoying. We play soccer, Australian football and basketball on recess and lunch. The best thing we play is tag.

7 thoughts on “Frank

  1. Sup Frank, I’m Chris. I like all the stuff you like. Like football, soccer, basketball, and CHOCOLATE GOBBLE GOBBLE.I think it would be awesome for you to check out my blog.It’s called chris12345678910. Peace out and stay cool.

  2. Are u good at soccer because soccer is my favorite thing to do at recess?Im from Arkansas, is it cool to like in Australia?Peace out again!!!

  3. Hi frank ,
    Your funny , I like chocolate too, hahaha that nom nom part was funny.I like how on your blog you just opened up, and just came right out. Its very laid back and smooth. I reallly like that about it , keep up the good work ! 
    Sincerely ,

  4. Hello Frank,
    It was really funny when you were like NOM NOM on your blog. I need to make a Me page, so I was checking yours out. I made a connection when you said that you like to listen to music because I love to listen to music.What is you favorite song to listen to?

  5. Hi, Frank,

    Our gifted classroom just read the post about you, and we found it funny:D In the US, students love to play soccer as well. The class agrees chocolate and being lazy are both awesome!
    We were wondering about the textiles class you take. What do you learn in textiles? What is Australia like in the winter and spring? Have you ever seen a live kangaroo hopping? Are you allowed to have wildlife as pets, like koalas?
    We look forward to hearing from you, please visit our site
    Best Wishes,
    Shannon and Class

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