My name is Blake and I am energetic, respectful and responsible. I
help people when they need help and I am very friendly. I like
swimming because it is fun going under the water and I enjoy playing
soccer because it is a sport and I like playing sports with my

I go to Manor Lakes College and I am in year 7. Manor lakes College is
a very big school. My favorite subject is textiles and P.E. I have a
lot of friends at Manor Lakes and they all help me when I need help.

I live close to the pools so that I can just walk to them and go
swimming with my friends. And I also live close to the skate park and lots of my friends live next to me. I might be starting soccer at the Werribee Bees. I like soccer.

My birthday was last week and I went to the pools with my friend and a
kid tried to drown me but I got out of the water and my friend helped
me. I just started high school at Manor Lakes College. I made some
friends here and I like the specialists. At school i play down ball outside and play iPads inside. My inspiration is my mum she helps me with my school stuff and helps me in life.

My life is a good place to be at its a natural place and you will have
fun in my life I am energetic fun to hang out with I really like
animals and the apple community .

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