About mlc7rebecca

We are a year 7 class from Manor Lakes College, a school in Melbourne's western suburbs.

Persuasive texts and the news

We’re back! School holidays are over, and we are back to start term 2. Even though we have only been back two days we have already done some great work.

We have been discussing the situation with North Korea, and have had some very interesting debates about what countries have the rights to weapons, and whether any country ever has the right to attack another. From this we have created persuasive texts, trying to convince our class mates of our point of view.

You can read one of our persuasive texts below:

North Korea Missile Debate


What are your opinions about North Korea and the potential missile threat?  Do you agree or disagree with us?

School Buddies

In 7 Rebecca, we are a buddy class with a grade 3 class with their teacher Jess. Jess was a year 6 teacher last year, so lots of us know her very well.

One of the first things we did with our buddy class was get to know them by creating a paper chain where we wrote down all of the things that we had in common with our buddy.

The second activity we did together was to create a silly story. A silly story is a story where one person writes a sentence of a story, then only gives their partner the last word of their sentence. Their partner then has to write the next sentence, even though they do not really know what the first sentence is about! It had some very funny results!

Here is one of the silly stories we created. Matilda and Chantelle used PicCollage on the iPad to publish their story.

Colonial Australia, Manor Lakes Style

Yesterday 7 Rebecca turned our classroom into a colonial Australia courtroom. We had prepared our speeches, practiced persuasive language, brought in our costumes and were ready to go! We had poor convicts sitting on the floor and in jail and the rich got the nice seats up the back, in their fancy dresses. We had a female judge and legal counsel, to celebrate International Women’s Day, even though we know women could not be judges back then.

Unfortunately we had a couple of people away, but we still had a great time! It was a fun way to practice our persuasive language, and to learn about how laws used to be created. Soon we will move onto how laws are created today, and even create our own society, using any type of government and laws we want!

Do you like using drama/acting in school?

How do you use drama in your class?

Hello New Jersey!

This week in 7 Rebecca, one of the things we have been working on is beginning to connect with out blogging buddies in New Jersey. They are Mr Fritzky’s Writing and Reading grade 5 classes. We’re all very excited about connecting with them, and we’re hoping to Skype them in the future.

A map of New Jersey

This week we have been commenting on their blogs for the first time. First we looked at other class blogs to see how other people comment on blogs. In particular we looked at 4KM and 4KJ’s blog post about how to leave a good blog comment. Then we practiced our own, including introductions, polite and formal language, and a goodbye.

We hope that they enjoyed reading out comments about their wonderful writing and reviews, and that they will be able to begin commenting on our blog once we build it up more.

Have you had experience with global blogging?

Why do you think it is important to connect with people around the world?


Welcome to 7 Rebecca’s class blog! We are a year 7 class at Manor Lakes College, which is situated in Wyndham Vale, Victoria, Australia.

We have just started term 1, so are hoping to share our learning for the rest of the  year with the world! We are looking forward to connecting with schools from other countries to find out more about how people live and learn across the world.

Here are five facts about Manor Lakes College, that we think are pretty unique:

1. We have1600 students and 200 staff members

Our school is huge! It takes ten minutes to walk from one side of the school to the other. There are seven year 7 classes!

2. We have science labs

We are lucky enough to have a building of science labs. This means that those of us who came to Manor Lakes for primary school have already dissected animals and conducted experiments! We will post more about our experiments in the future.

3. We have home groups until year 8

Unlike some secondary schools, we have home groups until year 8. This means that we have one classroom and one teacher for English, Maths, Humanities and Science. We are taught Performing Arts, Indonesian, PE and Textiles by other teachers in other rooms.

4. We all have iPads.

Manor Lakes is a 1:1 device school. What device we use depends on our year level. In years 5-8 every student buys their own iPad and brings it to school to use for our learning.

5. We are an Apple school

Every device we use in our school is Apple. The older students use MacBooks, and we use Apple TV. This is because it helps our learning by having all of the software we need to run.

What is unique or different about your school?

Is there anything else you would like to learn about our school?