I am Amber and I love sports and hanging out with my friends. I play Australian football in school. In football I play for a team called Manor Lakes Storm. Our team is really good. We start April 1st and we are training now. My dad is my coach.

I love Australia, it is so hot and lots of nice people. Last year I got braces, and now my teeth are so straight.

4 thoughts on “Amber

  1. Hi, Amber. I like Australian soccer , it’s good that you put that in there, because people will like sports. My brother will be getting braces pretty soon. What’s your favorite animal? Mine’s the Black Panther. Sincerely, Abigail.

  2. Dear Amber,
    I hope your team does really well, and your team gets to the championship. I played Australian football last year over the summer. Is your team going to stretch before a game begins? If you reply I would be really grateful.

  3. HI Amber,
    I love to play sports too, but I prefer to play soccer.I also like hanging out with my friends. So, it must be pretty cool to have your dad as your coach. How long have you been playing football? I hope you can write back soon at

  4. Hi Amber,
    I really like your blog.I think when you said that you had to get braces last year and now your teeth are so stright that it was funny. I’m going to need to get braces soon too.
    How does Australia look with the wildelife all aruond?
    With Best Wishes,

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