Ancient Egypt!

As a part of our unit on Ancient Civilisations, we are studying Ancient Egypt. In three weeks we will be holding an expo that showcases our learning to our whole school community!

So far we have written letters and invitations to a famous person within Ancient Egypt as a part of our work on transactional texts. We then used Aurasma on our iPads to connect a video to them. That means that when you hold an iPad up to our letters you can see a video of us talking about our learning! We had a lot of fun creating these.

Our Ancient Egypt letters and invitations!

We have also been studying daily life in Ancient Egypt, looking at all the different roles people played in society. We have looked at pharaohs, viziers, priests, craftsman, farmers and slaves. All of this information will really help us when we begin work on our expo. We get to choose our pathway for the expo this week! We will post all about it as we complete it.

Have you ever studied Ancient Egypt? What do you find the most interesting about Ancient Egypt?

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