Making Connections

In 7 Rebecca, we have been working on making connections. This means connecting the book to our lives, to the world, to other books and even making connections within the same book.

Today we worked on making connections WITHIN a book by looking at cause and effect. Here are some of the connections we made:

Navish wrote: Event – a man try to beat the fastest clap record which is 721in a minute

Result – He will be in the Guinness World Records book he got 802 in a minute

Lotto wrote: Event – Charlotte is kicked out of her pack.

Result – Charlotte LOATHED everyone In the pack, except her parents,best friend Theo and trainer Thelma. She was kicked out of her pack for being a ‘human’ because she hasn’t shifted yet. She Meets Liam, the cause of all her problems, he’s the Rogue leader who attacked her pack, she is a lot like him.

What strategies do you use while reading? What connections can you make within the book you are currently reading?

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