Recently our class has joined with three other classes as a part of QuadBlogging! Two of the classes are years 7/8 from Farm Cove Intermediate School in Pakuranga, Auckland, New Zealand. The third school is a 5/6 class from Mount Annan Christian College in News South Wales, Australia.

To get to know each other, we are posting five questions to each school for them to answer (and to practice our creating a quality comment!)

Our questions for Farm Cove Intermediate School

  1. Does your schools have a sporting program?
  2. How many students do you have at your school?
  3. What do you like best about your school?
  4. Do you ever use Minecraft in your learning?
  5. How do you use your laptops for your learning? Do you like it more than using pen and paper?

Our questions for Mount Annan Christian College?

  1. Do you support any charities through your inquiries (like our book drive)?
  2. Do you have a sporting program?
  3. Do you use laptops or iPads at your school?
  4. What subjects/specialists do you have? What is your favourite subject?
  5. How large is your school? Do you have a lot of students?

14 thoughts on “QuadBlogging

  1. I love using laptops because it is faster and better than using pen and paper. We sometimes use pen and paper but I am slow at writing that is why I like using laptops.

    • Hi Saumi!, I feel the same here! But we use our IPads. I agree that typing is faster and easier. I love to write with pen and paper from time to time and enjoy writing Books.

      Sincerely Lotto

    • Same here. That’s why I use my Ipad for my homework so I can do it faster because I’m slow at writing, and my handwriting is terrible.

  2. Hi 7rebecca,s class We use our laptops almost all the time and most of our book work has been transferred from our laptop screens. Not all of our school uses laptops as much as us because our school is divided into areas and our area was decided to be the digital area were each student has their own laptop. To get into the digital area we go through a ballot and not everybody gets picked. We use our laptops for all sorts of things. They get used in Maths, English and extra things we do like at the moment we are doing the BP zoo challenge were we are making a small prototype of a toy we think would be suitable to enhance the tigers in their habitat. To make my groups one we used a special 3D printer to make it. I prefer using laptops as it is much faster and makes my work much neater.
    From Sarah and the rest of 5/1

    • Hello
      Jaxon here that sounds very interesting and sounds fun
      3D printers are really cool haven’t used one but I want to. Yeah it’s better and faster when I use my iPad I just finished my humanities project today it was about cyclones it was very cool.

    • Hi Sarah!

      I really like the idea of you guys creating a prototype toy of a habitat to ehance their habitat for tigers. I think that you guys should have a calendar and schedule who goes in the digital area each day and make sure that everyone gets to go in by the end of the week. I saw that you used Laptops, If you had the chance to use an iPad for a week than, choose between which one you perfer…….Which one would it be?

      From Lotto

      • To lotto
        you don’t get picked each day to get into the digital. There are three classes in the Area. Year 7’s go through a ballot and if you get picked you are put in a class and you stay in that class for the 2 years of intermediate. When the year eights leave at the end of the year new year 7’s get picked and are put into your class and it happens like that every year.

        About the laptop/ I pad question I would use a laptop probably as I find my laptop a lot more useful than my I pad and I pod. I can do a lot more stuff on my laptop straight away rather than having to download heaps of apps and it taking up all my gigabytes.

    • Hello my name is Navish we don’t use our iPad all the time and we don’t get our mac/laptop until we are in year 9 its really cool how you guys have a 3D printer and you make things with like the tiger and i think laptop and iPad is faster then writing with pen.

  3. Kia Ora 7 Rebecca. We don’t use Minecraft often but when we do lots of people use it. The last time we used Minecraft was to build an animal enclosure. We usually use it to make buildings or prototypes of objects. For example some people are making their toy for the BP zoo challenge on Minecraft. Thanks for Asking. http://fcia5hg1.blogspot.co.nz/

  4. How many students do we have in our school?

    Hi 7 Rebecca, We have approximately 600 students at Farmcove Intermediate but we also have Korean and Japanese students that come and stay at our school for short times to come and experience school and daily life in New Zealand. In our school we have 6 areas altogether and in each area we have 3-4 classes which have a combination of both years 7 and 8. From Freyana, Amy, Rachel, Akshat and the rest of 5/1.

  5. To 7Rebeca
    The thing we really enjoy about F.C.I is how we all come together and embrace our countries culture whether it be through lessons or activities, we also really love how our school has so many cultural groups that we can join to either learn about our cultural ancestry and festivities or to explore other cultural groups.
    From Fcia5hg1

  6. 7 Rebecca
    In the digital Area we are all expected to bring our own laptop every day. We can bring along either an ipod or ipad as well. We also have 6-7 desktops in the area to so that we can load our work onto a website called Ultranet and print it off. When we don’t have access to a desktop we just put the file on Ultranet (a website we use as a work assisting tool) and print it off.

    By Claudia, Emma and Lewis


  7. Hello 7rebeccas blog.

    We play Football, Softball, Basketball, Netball, Hockey, Rugby etc

    At lunch time some people do some sports or try out for sports like Basketball, Football, Netball.

    Some of us also do after school sports like Basketball,Badminton and Futsal.

    In our class every morning we do P.E and Fitness like Running, Circuits and Netball..

    Do you guys do any sports programs if so what sort of sports do you do? do you do ones that involve balls eg. Basketball, Hockey, Football, Soccor, Netball. etc.

    Reply back as soon as possible,


  8. Hi Rebecca’s class,
    Here are our answers to your questions:
    1. At our school we have sports teams and do Fitness and PE in class. You have to trial to get into a sports team and you have to practice at lunchtimes. We have Fitness for 20 mins three times a week where we do running, relays, games and circuits. There is a special PE class which is 45mins every week where we learn new skills, strategies and sports.
    2. There are about 600 students at our school.
    3. One of our favourite things about our school is going to Specialist classes. Our Specialist classes are Food and Bio, Hard Materials, Science, Music, Art and ICT.
    4. We occasionally use Mine craft in our afternoon Unit Study topics. We mainly use it to design things in 3D such as zoo enclosures or space stations.
    5. We use our laptops for lots of things: researching, writing, reading, designing, making presentations, recording audio, art, maths games, watching learning videos, making graphs and learning about looking after our laptops.

    from Miss Fowlds and 5/2

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