Minecraft Maths!

Over the last two weeks in maths, we have learnt about area, perimeter and volume. As a post-test, we had to complete a task in Minecraft. It was only meant to go for one hour, but because we loved it so much, and because we were working so hard, Rebecca made it harder and gave us more time to complete it.

We were given several aims to complete. Some examples are building a structure with a perimeter of 50 metres squared, building a structure that was a compound shape and finding the volume of a building we had already created. It was much more exciting than a worksheet!

Here are some images of one of the world’s we have been working on:

A stadium

Another part of Jaxon’s Minecraft world

Have you used Minecraft in school?

Do you play Minecraft for fun? What do you like most about it?

35 thoughts on “Minecraft Maths!

  1. I like playing minecraft for fun and also using it for work i love using it because you get to join people’s worlds and help them work.

  2. Hello 7 Rebecca’s class blog
    I like how you use minecraft for maths instead of drawing it in your book.
    Do you use minecraft for other things too?
    From Janakan

    • Yeah it’s really fun to use minecraft on our iPads instead of writing/drawing it in our books, because it makes learning awesome 🙂

    • And we also use it just for free time, and we usually have to create buildings with a certain amount of cubes. 🙂 im kiara, by the way

    • Hi it is ryan from 7 rebecca and yes we do Janakan when we have bonus time we can play whatever app we can but I mostly play minecraft whenever we have it.

  3. Kia Ora I’m Daniel. In Farm Cove we don’t usually use Minecraft in school but sometimes when we do stuff such as building a model animal enclosure the people who own it on their laptops are allowed to build it on Minecraft. At home I do play Minecraft but not as much as I used to. When I do go on Minecraft at home I often play with my friends but I haven’t played survival in AGES. Thanks for reading!

  4. Hello 7 Rebecca’s class, I think it is really cool how you are doing minecraft in math. I am not much of a minecraft fan but it sounds really fun and is a good way to do maths. I think the soccer stadium is very cool and a clever way to do maths. Are you allowed to go on minecraft at school and do you have your own laptops in class? I asked the second question because we have our own laptops and you did it on minecraft so I think you would have your own laptop.
    Caitlyn fcia5hg1.blogspot.co.nz

    • Hello!
      Yeah,minecraft is really fun when you have something to build,we don’t have laptops at school.Instead,we have iPads!.I also aren’t really a minecraft fan but when we get to make something interesting in math,its fun and you don’t get bored.Its fun playing minecraft because we can create pretty creative things.

  5. Hey Jaxon. My name is Lupo. I am a year 7 student from the blog fcia5hgl.blogspot.co.nz, New Zealand and I really think its cool how you use Minecraft for learning purposes and school projects. My friend has done this before and he said it really made his work feel a lot more fun and interesting for him.

  6. Hello 7 Rebecca’s Class
    I think it is a really good idea to add mine craft to maths. I am not a huge fan of mine craft but I know I will probably start to enjoy it if we used mine craft during class. Why did you come up with the idea and how? Most people will have never thought of using it during class. I think it was very clever of you and very imaginative of bringing a game into school and making it an exciting new and fun way to learn.

  7. Hi Jaxxon. My name is Jordan and I am from fcia5hg1.blogspot.co.nz . I like how you use Minecraft for your tests. It makes it more fun. I have used Minecraft in school. We use Minecraft when we build models of our inventions. The last time we did our work on Minecraft, we had to build an enclosure for animals. Doing our work on Minecraft makes it more fun than doing our work on boring papers.

  8. Dear Rebecca’s class
    I think this quite a fun activity as I have done an activity similar activity and was fun to do but have not tried to join another person’s world and help them build something. But overall building on minecraft was very fun.


    • Hello Alex it’s very fun making city’s in minecraft that’s my city an it’s so big there’s lots more I’m going to add to my cool city.

  9. Hey 7 Rebecca’s class it looks like you have some really talented people in your class the buildings you have made are amazing. I have no idea how you built those on Minecraft P.E I could never do that on a ipod/ipad!!!!!!!!!! I have used Minecraft in school I use it for designing different buildings ect.
    I play Minecraft all the time but I mostly play on server’s not single player, I like the computer version better, I’m really terrible at P.E (Pocket edition not physical education). The thing I most love about Minecraft has to be well 4 things parkour, pvp, pve and building.

  10. Dear 7 Rebecca’s class blog,
    I thought it was really cool how you used Mine craft as a math assisting tool.
    It looked like a lot of fun and I thought it would have taken more than 1 hour or so to complete your task.
    I have seen lots of people playing on it before but I have never actually played it myself.
    From Megan

  11. Hi 7 Rebecca’s Class,
    I think that using Minecraft as a work assisting tool is a great idea. I would love to use Minecraft at school. I don’t have Minecraft on my iPod but I have played on it while on my friends and cousins iPods and iPads.
    How often you use Minecraft as a work assisting tool?
    Being in a digital area we spend a lot of time on laptops and our devices. I was wondering if your class is allowed to bring in your own devices?
    From Emma

    • Hello yes we do bring our own devices because we have 1 to 1 ipads so we have to bring it everyday and we dont use minecraft that much for work only sometimes for math only math that is. And Jaxon is one of my really good friends who made that city!!!

  12. Hi Jaxon,
    I really enjoyed looking at your mine craft creation, because it looked like it would have taken forever. There was so much creativity there. The castle was so cool. I would love to know how long it took you and how you got the idea for this? I’m going to try to get my teacher to let us use a lot more!
    From Olivia

  13. Hello, Rebecca 7
    My name is Sharaan I am a year 8 in F.C.I, my class is A5HG1. I think that how you used Minecraft for a post-test is pretty cool. How did the test exactly work, and did you get to choose what to make?

  14. Ki ora 7 Rebecca’s class my name is Jayden fcia5hg1.blogspot.co.nz and I was wondering if you just used mine craft for your project. I have used mine craft for building a library design last year.

  15. Hello 7 Rebecca’s class,
    I think it’s a really cool idea to use mine craft as a learning tool. Although I’m not a major fan of it, and we don’t use mine craft, I wouldn’t really mind using it in class. It’s good that you’re students were enjoying the task as well, because then if they weren’t enjoying it, they wouldn’t want to do it and then they wouldn’t be giving the task 100%. Some people in my class would love to use mine craft during class time, but what else do you use it for, other than maths?

  16. Hello, Rebecca7
    My name is Sharaan I am a year 8 in F.C.I, my class is A5HG1. I think that how you used Minecraft for a post-test is really cool. How did the test work, and did you get to choose what you made?

    • Yes we got to choose what we made but I mean everyone has different minds so there was nothing the same that people made.

  17. Hey 7 Rebecca class my name is Josh. Your Minecraft buildings are awesome!!!! I would take ages to build that stadium. We have also been working on Area and Perimeter a couple weeks ago. We have not used Minecraft in our school before but I hope we can in the future. I also play Minecraft but only play it at home, what I like doing is killing monsters and building.

  18. Hello, my name is kaltum. In 7 Rebecca, we have an ipad that each of us take to school everyday. We used minecraft to building houses and other things and finding the area, perimeter and volume of it. We’d got to pick anything we wanted to but had to find the area, perimeter and volume for it.

  19. Hi guys
    I’m Luke from 7 Rebecca! Watching Jaxon play Minecraft is like watching a genius at work! He is so talented at it.
    Class blog: mlc7rebecca.global2.vic.edu.au
    My blog: lukes13.global2.vic.edu.au

  20. We do not use Minecraft in maths. But we are doing a BP challenge and we have to design a enrichment toy for an Australian bird or a tiger we can use Minecraft.

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