Book Drive!

Over the last few weeks our class has been very busy with our book drive!

After reading about refugees and detention centres, and seeing them on ‘The Project’ on TV, we wanted to know how we could help. After some thought, we decided a book drive would be the best option. Since then, we have been hard at work organising and promoting our book drive and collecting books.

We have made posters and flyers, contacted businesses, spoken at assembly and visited other classes. We were also photographed for two local newspapers, which was very exciting! We have a website where you can learn more about our progress, and where you can donate money towards out cause.

So far we have collected 88 books from our wonderful donors. The children in detention centres will be very happy to see them!

Here is the video we created to advertise our book drive:

Have you ever hosted a fundraiser or book drive at your school?

4 thoughts on “Book Drive!

  1. Hi my name is Sarah I am from New Zealand and I found the way you presented your blog really interesting as I would never have thought to present a video I was making like that I loved your idea about needing books because you had no education and asking other kids how their education was today and them answering “no books”.

      • Oh and this is my personal blog..PLZ CHECK IT OUT! It’s all about music and art so here it is: 🙂 thnx for feedback

    • Hi Sarah
      That was great feedback! We now have 1,112 books, and we haven’t even checked the offices yet! Our Book Drive website is, so you can go there for more information.
      Thanks for your great feedback
      Our class blog:
      My personal blog:

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