Year 3 Buddies

7 Rebecca is a buddy class of 3 Jess, a grade 3 class at Manor Lakes College. They also have a class blog. On Monday the year 7s spent an hour with their buddy, teaching them how to write an excellent blog post. The grade 3s had lots of ideas, and learnt very quickly.

Below is a post that Bren and her grade 3 buddy wrote together, about what they have learnt so far this term:

In maths in grade 3 we have learnt about groups of, 3D shapes, multiplication, addition, subtracting, dividing. I really liked having maths this year. I don’t think I’m good at it but.

 In maths in year 7 we have learnt what mean, median, range and mode is, fractions, graphs and a lot more. I really don’t like maths but I think I’m good at it.

 In writing in grade 3 we learnt persuasive texts, handwriting and a lot more.

In writing in year 7 we have learnt persuasive text, writing a story,  and a lot more.

 In grade 3 science we have learnt how to make goo, rockets, to put sticks In a bag with water but the water don’t go out. I really like science.

 In year 7 science we have learnt to use a Bunsen burners and we had to go find bugs in water from the Werribee River. I really like having science. We have it on Thursday.

Do you like school?

Do you like reading/ what do you like reading?

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