Persuasive texts and the news

We’re back! School holidays are over, and we are back to start term 2. Even though we have only been back two days we have already done some great work.

We have been discussing the situation with North Korea, and have had some very interesting debates about what countries have the rights to weapons, and whether any country ever has the right to attack another. From this we have created persuasive texts, trying to convince our class mates of our point of view.

You can read one of our persuasive texts below:

North Korea Missile Debate


What are your opinions about North Korea and the potential missile threat?  Do you agree or disagree with us?

One thought on “Persuasive texts and the news

  1. Interesting point of view.

    What was the role of the Soviet Union?

    Which side attacked the other first across the 38th Parallel?

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