Ancient Egypt!

As a part of our unit on Ancient Civilisations, we are studying Ancient Egypt. In three weeks we will be holding an expo that showcases our learning to our whole school community!

So far we have written letters and invitations to a famous person within Ancient Egypt as a part of our work on transactional texts. We then used Aurasma on our iPads to connect a video to them. That means that when you hold an iPad up to our letters you can see a video of us talking about our learning! We had a lot of fun creating these.

Our Ancient Egypt letters and invitations!

We have also been studying daily life in Ancient Egypt, looking at all the different roles people played in society. We have looked at pharaohs, viziers, priests, craftsman, farmers and slaves. All of this information will really help us when we begin work on our expo. We get to choose our pathway for the expo this week! We will post all about it as we complete it.

Have you ever studied Ancient Egypt? What do you find the most interesting about Ancient Egypt?

Thank you!

During the holidays we delivered all 1621 books to the Greens office who will deliver them to the refugees in Manus Island Detention Centre. We just want to say a big thank you to everyone who donated books and/or money to our cause. It was a huge success and we are very proud of what we have achieved. It was an amazing experience!

Our huge Science Day!

Today we had a HUGE day of Science.

In the morning we went to the lab to revise our knowledge of separation techniques. We had to separate sawdust, sand, salt, iron fillings and marbles. This was challenging because we had to think about what separation technique to use, rather than have Rebecca tell us.

Having fun in the lab

After recess, we went to the Science Fair held by the grade 3s in our school. We saw lots of experiments, including erupting volcanoes, goo, balloons blowing up with gas and Coca-Cola and Mentos.

Keilyann says that the science fair ‘is very smart.’

Bren says that the science fair ‘was epic!’

Now we want to have a science fair of our own!

Have you ever had a science fair?

Making Connections

In 7 Rebecca, we have been working on making connections. This means connecting the book to our lives, to the world, to other books and even making connections within the same book.

Today we worked on making connections WITHIN a book by looking at cause and effect. Here are some of the connections we made:

Navish wrote: Event – a man try to beat the fastest clap record which is 721in a minute

Result – He will be in the Guinness World Records book he got 802 in a minute

Lotto wrote: Event – Charlotte is kicked out of her pack.

Result – Charlotte LOATHED everyone In the pack, except her parents,best friend Theo and trainer Thelma. She was kicked out of her pack for being a ‘human’ because she hasn’t shifted yet. She Meets Liam, the cause of all her problems, he’s the Rogue leader who attacked her pack, she is a lot like him.

What strategies do you use while reading? What connections can you make within the book you are currently reading?

Guest speaker

A few weeks ago we had a guest speaker to our class. He is a lawyer who works in Melbourne, and he visited us to talk about refugees and the laws around seeking asylum.

When he first arrived, we were very quiet because we had never spoken to a lawyer before, but we soon started talking again. We had some very interesting discussions about refugees and how they can be supported when entering Australia.

Our guest spoke briefly about his experiences working with refugees and then we worked on an activity where we had to decide what we would do if our family was in danger and we had to flee the country.

While not all of us agreed about how we would escape, we had very good conversations, using evidence to back up our opinions. It was very good for our book drive, and helped us understand the people who the books are going to.

Have you ever had any good guest visitors? What did they speak about?

What do you know about refugees?


Recently our class has joined with three other classes as a part of QuadBlogging! Two of the classes are years 7/8 from Farm Cove Intermediate School in Pakuranga, Auckland, New Zealand. The third school is a 5/6 class from Mount Annan Christian College in News South Wales, Australia.

To get to know each other, we are posting five questions to each school for them to answer (and to practice our creating a quality comment!)

Our questions for Farm Cove Intermediate School

  1. Does your schools have a sporting program?
  2. How many students do you have at your school?
  3. What do you like best about your school?
  4. Do you ever use Minecraft in your learning?
  5. How do you use your laptops for your learning? Do you like it more than using pen and paper?

Our questions for Mount Annan Christian College?

  1. Do you support any charities through your inquiries (like our book drive)?
  2. Do you have a sporting program?
  3. Do you use laptops or iPads at your school?
  4. What subjects/specialists do you have? What is your favourite subject?
  5. How large is your school? Do you have a lot of students?

Minecraft Maths!

Over the last two weeks in maths, we have learnt about area, perimeter and volume. As a post-test, we had to complete a task in Minecraft. It was only meant to go for one hour, but because we loved it so much, and because we were working so hard, Rebecca made it harder and gave us more time to complete it.

We were given several aims to complete. Some examples are building a structure with a perimeter of 50 metres squared, building a structure that was a compound shape and finding the volume of a building we had already created. It was much more exciting than a worksheet!

Here are some images of one of the world’s we have been working on:

A stadium

Another part of Jaxon’s Minecraft world

Have you used Minecraft in school?

Do you play Minecraft for fun? What do you like most about it?

Book Drive!

Over the last few weeks our class has been very busy with our book drive!

After reading about refugees and detention centres, and seeing them on ‘The Project’ on TV, we wanted to know how we could help. After some thought, we decided a book drive would be the best option. Since then, we have been hard at work organising and promoting our book drive and collecting books.

We have made posters and flyers, contacted businesses, spoken at assembly and visited other classes. We were also photographed for two local newspapers, which was very exciting! We have a website where you can learn more about our progress, and where you can donate money towards out cause.

So far we have collected 88 books from our wonderful donors. The children in detention centres will be very happy to see them!

Here is the video we created to advertise our book drive:

Have you ever hosted a fundraiser or book drive at your school?

Year 3 Buddies

7 Rebecca is a buddy class of 3 Jess, a grade 3 class at Manor Lakes College. They also have a class blog. On Monday the year 7s spent an hour with their buddy, teaching them how to write an excellent blog post. The grade 3s had lots of ideas, and learnt very quickly.

Below is a post that Bren and her grade 3 buddy wrote together, about what they have learnt so far this term:

In maths in grade 3 we have learnt about groups of, 3D shapes, multiplication, addition, subtracting, dividing. I really liked having maths this year. I don’t think I’m good at it but.

 In maths in year 7 we have learnt what mean, median, range and mode is, fractions, graphs and a lot more. I really don’t like maths but I think I’m good at it.

 In writing in grade 3 we learnt persuasive texts, handwriting and a lot more.

In writing in year 7 we have learnt persuasive text, writing a story,  and a lot more.

 In grade 3 science we have learnt how to make goo, rockets, to put sticks In a bag with water but the water don’t go out. I really like science.

 In year 7 science we have learnt to use a Bunsen burners and we had to go find bugs in water from the Werribee River. I really like having science. We have it on Thursday.

Do you like school?

Do you like reading/ what do you like reading?

7 Rebecca in the Science lab!

At the end of last week we began our chemistry unit in science, and conducted our first experiment!

For many of us this was our first time using the Bunsen burners, so we had to go through the safety procedures first. We then all had a chance to light the Bunsen burner ourselves! This was very exciting, and those of us who had used the Bunsen burners before were leaders, showing the others the correct way to do it.

Yuot and Ryan conducting the experiment.

The aim of our experiment was to see if we could change the boiling point of water. Normally water boils at 100 degrees Celsius, but we wanted to change it. We found that you can actually change it by adding different things to the water, like salt. This made the water easier to boil.

We can’t wait to conduct more experiments in the future!


What experiments have you conducted at school? What would you like to know about chemistry?